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Biblical financial studies for churches

Biblical financial studies for churches

God's financial principles affect a lot more than our finances. If your church follows God's lead in faithful stewardship of money and possessions, you will find that prayer and bible study increase, lives transform, stress reduces, marriages and relationships improve, and service to others becomes more desirable and better resourced. Applying biblical financial principles helps people draw closer to Christ, freeing them to give, love and serve. 

Jesus said that "where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." (Matthew 6:21, Luke 12:34)

Thousands of churches around the world have taken these biblical financial studies. They have been transformed, not only in how they handle money, wealth and possessions, but also in how their hearts have been revealed and shaped by God's word. Survey results show the impact of this biblical study programme.

What Compass offers churches

To get interest started, we offer a wide range of personal reading materials at a discount for church bookstalls. "Your Money Counts" is an overview of the Bible's teaching on money, and "The Money Devotional" is an inspiring 40 day reflective study for individuals. "Money Matters" is a practical 5 week study for individuals and couples, and there are two sets of story-driven study materials for children - "Give Save Spend" for 7s and under, and "The Secret" for 8-12 year olds.

The most amazing things can happen when the church body gets together to receive God's word. So Compass’ main adult study is the Small Group Study Course, designed to be led and administered by the local church. Over 10 weeks, course members complete a comprehensive review of the Bible's teaching on money, privately and with group discussion, and they learn practical ways to deal with budgeting and debt management. 

This study is also designed to be repeatable and spreadable - group members can grow into leaders, and run the course for others. The lessons learned will have an impact across your church and community. Its practical nature and inclusive style also make it useful for neighbours who are not churchgoers - you can invite them to join in and, whatever they think about God and the Bible, they can experience loving, practical help at a difficult time.

Starting Biblical Financial Studies in your church

Organising courses might sound like a big commitment in a busy church, but Compass offers helpful resources to make launching and leading the programme manageable and effective.

To see the full range of Compass materials for churches and homes, visit our online shop.

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