25 Jan

Doing business God's way

Doing business God's way

Managing a business can be tasking and all consuming overtaking life far beyond a 9 to 5 routine. Many an entrepreneur finds thoughts of the business pervading the mind even when not at work. There is no denying that managing any business is challenging – customers, suppliers, record keeping and then there is managing cash flow. So, does the Bible have any help to offer? Yes – a great deal in fact.

The Business by the Book course provides essential biblical insights into management topics including:

  • The key purpose of the business
  • The importance of servant-based leadership
  • Making good financial decisions
  • Finding and effectively managing employees and staff
  • The role of organisation and marketing
  • Business planning
  • Business excellence and higher levels of profitability

Mark Mitchell of the Mitchell Group in Chester says, “Business by the Book is THE handbook for any Christian who seeks to understand what the Bible says about operating a business from a biblical perspective. Every Christian in business should take this study – it will make a difference and you will ‘graduate’ better qualified to build a business that is congruent with your Christian faith.”

What to do next

Download a sample chapter of the Business by the Book program and then please order.

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