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Biblical financial studies at home

Biblical financial studies at home

It can be really hard to make ends meet. In a tough financial time, how can we keep up with all the things people are asking us to do with money - including giving to the church and neighbours in need, managing our spending and our debt, and maybe even saving for the future?

We believe that God made and still owns everything we have. He gave us responsibility to look after his creation, and he loves us, so he wants to equip us to do a great job with it. God also knows how much influence money and possessions have on us. We have a choice - to go God's way with them or our own - and this is why the Bible contains so much teaching about the handling of money and possessions.

The purpose of the Compass Course is to teach God’s financial principles so that we can know Christ more intimately and be in a better position to serve Him. Jesus said that "where your treasure is, your heart will be also." (Matthew 6:21, Luke 12:34), and it turns out that people who engage with God's teaching about money see practical results of faith. As they apply the word, they find that their relationship with Jesus becomes closer, and that they have more and more stories to share about things they see God doing.

On top of that, there are practical benefits to learning how to budget, how to manage and ultimately get out of debt, and how to be a faithful steward of God's things.

What Compass offers for home study

"The Money Devotional" is an inspiring 40 day reflective study for individuals, and a great way to start thinking and praying about God's calling to you. It draws from a lot of helpful sources and, if it grabs your interest, there are lots of ways to follow up with practical action.

"Money Matters" is a practical 5 week study you can do on your own or as a couple.

"Your Money Counts" is an overview of the Bible's teaching on money, and it also serves as the introduction to a Small Group Study Course, designed to be led and administered by your local church. 

"Give Save Spend" (under 7s) and "The Secret" (8-12 year olds) are Bible-based study stories that introduce children to what the Bible has to say about how to handle money. This is an exciting way to teach those children these biblical foundational truths – teach them before the world shows them how to handle money.

What to do next

To browse and order materials, please order online.

Learning to apply God's financial principles can have a massive impact on your life, your friends, church and community. We have a growing network of volunteers committed to spread the word about Compass and what God is doing through their use of the studies. Compass volunteers receive support and share encouragement and prayer for each other. If you think your church could or should become interested in running Compass courses, please consider joining our volunteer network.

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